Our Community

Welcome to St John's & St Luke’s Together

We all need friendship, support, inspiration and energy to live in our frantic and constantly changing world. Our church community is made up of ordinary people learning to follow God, extend a hand of friendship and offer each other support. We haven’t got all the answers, but we believe that in loving Jesus and each other we can make a difference. We hope that this website gives you an idea of who we are, and inspires you to join us in our love of Jesus and each other.

St. John’s & St Luke’s community is made up of all ages, from our youngest crèche members to our more mature worshipers. We are a precious mix of people who are employed and not employed, single, married, or divorced, at the start of our journey with Christ or continuing our learning path. Everyone is equal and everyone is welcome.

Some have kids at home, others are retired. We have fun together, see life as an adventure, struggle with life’s pressures, succeed and fail, work hard at caring for people and do our best to make a positive difference in the world. We hope you would find us to be pretty normal. We presently have approximately 120 adults and 30 children attending our Sunday Services.