Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Our children deserve the best care that the Church can provide. We rejoice in the time and devotion given by so many people, ordained and lay, paid and volunteers, to the exciting challenge of nurturing our children and young people within the Church.

We have also developed our understanding of  the importance of safeguarding adults who may be vulnerable, and careful selection of those who work with children and vulnerable adults is essential to ensure we create a safe environment.

The policies detailed below provide the basis for ensuring that we provide the safest possible environment for everyone to grow and to flourish.

If you would like to contact someone about Safeguarding at our churches please contact either:-

Helen Tennison at or on 01423 701116 or
Jane Thompson at or on 01423 521426

Parish Safeguarding Policy Statement March 2016


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Protecting all Gods Children 





Promoting a Safe Church





Responding well to Domestic Abuse


Responding well to those who have been sexual abused