Something for Everyone


We encourage everyone to grow as a follower of Christ as a member of a small group, In small groups we aim to care for one another and to help one another to understand more about the way God works in our lives. We do this through a mixture of prayer, Bible study and discussion.  Groups usually meet fortnightly in a home but vary in their meeting patterns and in the balance of their activities.  To find out more about the groups and when they are Click Here


Healing Prayer Group

The healing prayer group meet on alternate Tuesday evenings, contact Paul Tennyson on 563459 for further information.

Music & Choir Groups

The music group meets monthly and all instrumentalists are welcome - Contact Pam Else on 521658 for further information.  The St John's Training choir practice every Friday during term time from 6:30pm and is available for anyone age 8 and above, please contact Ruth Yarborough on 568688 for further details.  St John's Main Choir also practice on Fridays from 6:30pm until 7:45pm, please contact Liz Lawrence on 501396 for further information.

We use SongPro during our Sunday Service - Click on the link below to see more about it.

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