Prayer & Pastoral Care

Prayer & Pastoral Care


Prayer is the way we get closer to God and share our thoughts and concerns with him and listen to what he would say to us. Prayer can take place at any time and anywhere.

In addition we set aside specific times to pray together. Prayer is a vital part of our worship services. A team of people lead our times of intercession (prayer times) each Sunday when we pray for family community, national and global issues

There is also a Prayer Ministry team dedicated to pray for others who are available at the end of each service for individual prayer for anyone either for themselves personally or to bring other concerns. These prayer times are confidential.

The Still Waters service which meets on Tuesday evenings is an opportunity to be led in reflective and quiet prayer.

Home groups pray together whenever they meet One Home group is specifically dedicated to pray for others in our church and wider community.

From time to time there are meetings for the whole church to come together for prayer. These take place during Lent and at other times during the year.

Pastoral Care

We try to care for people who can no longer get to services at the church. We want to ensure that these people continue to feel part of the St John’s family. These visits will include a good chat and may involve a prayer together or even the study of a short Bible passage together. We also bring Holy Communion to the homes of those unable to attend a service at church. If you think you would welcome a visit or know someone who would like a visit including hospital visiting please contact the church office.

If you would like to be part of the visiting team please chat to one of the clergy.

Bereavement Support Team

Following funerals at St John’s and those taken by our clergy team elsewhere, we offer support to the next of kin and families. We contact the bereaved a few weeks after the funeral. We will visit any member of the congregation or parish who is in need of support following bereavement and every 6 months we hold a service of remembrance and thanksgiving on a Sunday evening for loved ones who have died.