Bright Sparks Remember WW1

Bright Sparks Remember WW1

On Sunday 27th April, the children of Bright Sparks heard that on Easter Sunday our church had become part of a new diocese called West Yorkshire and the Dales and the Bishop in charge is Bishop Nick.

The children also heard that the Church of England has teamed up with the charity, the Royal British Legion, to help them in their aim to make the country awash with poppies during the next four years to mark the 100th anniversary of WW1 and we at St. John’s and St. Luke’s had been sent poppy seeds to plant.

Bright Sparks listened to a little of the history of WW1

They learnt:

1. WW1 broke out in 1914

2. Members of the British Army were given a Bible as an essential part of their kit.

3. 5.7 million British Servicemen served during WW1.

4. 772,000 British Servicemen died.

The children then listened to a letter written in August 1916 from a 20-year-old Harry Foster to his mother. The children listened intently and asked questions afterwards.

All the children and leaders then went into the church grounds to plant the poppy seeds. At all times the children were quiet and thoughtful.

We planted the poppy seeds and a prayer was said.

We now look forward to seeing the poppies bloom, in memory of the British Servicemen who fought and died for our freedom over 100 years ago.