Christian Aid Thanks

Christian Aid Week 2014

Please see below an extract from Stroma, Harrogate’s Christian Aid treasurer. The full letter can be found by the main door to church.


Dear Jane,

As Treasurer of Christian Aid for the Harrogate area I would again like to thank you, your team of collectors and your church for all your hard work and commitment for this year’s Christian Aid week collection. The work of Christian Aid can only continue because of the kindness, willingness and generosity of so many people and I know that Alex Jones and the Leeds Christian Aid team are so appreciative and thankful for all that you do.

With the continuing challenging economic climate and with the difficulties in sustaining volunteer collector numbers it is I think a great testament to the Harrogate churches and volunteers that our collection have yet again been so positive and I am delighted to say that this year’s collection total for Harrogate was £21,868.49, and that your church’s total was £3,033.22, which includes the estimated gift aid figure. This is a slight increase from last year and confirms how each and every person’s involvement makes a difference.

Finally, thank you once again to you and your collectors and your generous time giving for the work of Christian Aid. Sending every blessing to you and your churches.

Sincerely yours,

Stroma McDermott


I would like to add my sincere thanks to everyone who once again made this year a great week’s collection for Christian Aid.

After many years of being a faithful and committed Christian Aid Week Street Co-ordinator, Ann Oxley is standing down this year to make way for ‘fresh blood’. Could this be you? It doesn’t entail a great deal of work and you will only be called on once per year to ‘co-ordinate’ the collection of around ten roads in the parish (most of the collectors are in place and just need a ‘phone call to check their availability).

Please speak to me, Jane Reichert, if you are interested or any one of our street co-ordinators:- Sue Davis, Tracey Lodge, Vicky Jawara, Caroline Randall. We would love you to join us. Heartfelt thanks to Ann for all her work over the years.

Jane Reichert.