News From Nepal

News Of Our CMS Mission Partners In Nepal

Dan and Phillipa Munday have had a busy year with much travelling, hard work and joy. First the joy – two sons were married during the summer and a third, with his wife, provided their first grandchild, Noah, in December. Dan and Phillipa were able to return to Britain for these family occasions but have also travelled elsewhere. Phillipa is head of student support at Kathmandu International Study Centre (KICS). One of her roles is as a teacher rep on the school board and as such has been very involved in guiding the school through various administrative changes. In November she went to South Korea for the Association of Christian Schools International Conference as one of 500 delegates, mainly from Asia. The focus was the provision of God-centred education.
Whilst Phillipa was in Korea, Dan was in India, spending two weeks on palliative care which he wants to develop in Nepal. His medical registration has proved difficult. However, he is to be seconded from CMS to International Nepal Fellowship (INF). This will provide him with has own visa instead of a spouse-visa through Phillipa and KISC, allowing him to register. With a colleague from Australia, Dr Ruth Powys, he will be able to work through INF to provide a Palliative Care Service in Nepal. More visits to India were planned for February, to the Emmanuel Churches, again dealing with palliative care.
Please pray for Dan and Phillipa for their continuing work in Nepal and also for the three British gap-year students who have been helping and learning with Phillipa since the beginning of this year. Dan and Phillipa are hoping to visit St. John’s and St. Luke’s in June whilst they are home mid-April to mid-July before returning to Nepal in August for the start of the new academic year.

Please also pray for Anna and Chris Hembury, our mission partners in Hull. There will be an update of their work in a future magazine.
Margaret E. Manning, member of CMS group, St. John’s and St. Luke’s Together.