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Clergy Letter August 17

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Dear all, There is an analogy to which I often return and that I’d encourage you to reflect upon (if you’ve not already heard me rabbit on about it!). It’s a picture of two lakes – The Aral Sea and Blue Lake. The Aral Sea (…which is a lake despite the name) lies between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. If you’re struggling to think where those two countries are then it might help to know that it is south of Russia, and kind of north of Iran (with Turkmenistan in between). If you’re still none-the-wiser then dust off your atlas or have a quick look on Google Maps! It used to be one of the four...

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Spring Harvest is coming to Harrogate

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Exciting news! Spring Harvest, an annual gathering of thousands of Christians from all across the country, is coming to Harrogate for the first time in 2018. It runs from 3rd to 7th April, just after Easter. More details to follow but do visit to find out more. It will be a great event for all the family. We hope lots of us will go but if you want to get ahead, booking opens on 21st June!

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Clergy Letter July 2017

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Dear friends, As I write it’s still less than a year since this country voted to leave the European Union; it’s less than 6 months since Donald Trump took office; it’s less than a week since the general election resulted in a hung parliament. Thus, ‘Wasn’t expecting that’ might be the recurring response to these events and there is therefore little doubt that we live in uncertain and challenging times, especially as we don’t really know how things will work out. Then throw into the mix the terrible terrorist attacks that we have endured in recent times, and then add in a big dollop of...

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Refugees in Syria Collection

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St. Marks are organising a collection for the refugees in Syria on behalf of over the weekend of the 9th-12th June. How can you help: Donate good quality clothing for men, women and children. Come and help sort and pack. Details to be confirmed. Could you team up with a home group/some friends and donate some of the items for care packs – the website has details of what’s needed For more details and information please contact Becky Onslow 07961 170225 or email

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Ordained Priests in Ripon Cathedral

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RUTH IS BEING ORDAINED PRIEST IN RIPON CATHEDRAL ON SATURDAY 24th JUNE AT 3pm.  All are welcome to attend. Please pray for those to be ordained:- Barnoldswick & Bracewell Julie Clarkson Bilton Team Ruth Donegan-Cross Bedale Benefice Stephen Hanscombe Broughton, Marton & Thornton Alex Ladds Wetherby Stroma McDermott Ingleborough Team Tim Madeley On Sunday 25th June at St John’s Ruth will be presiding at Communion for the first time and this will be a joint service with St Luke’s followed by a bring & share picnic.

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