Thoughts from the Clergy

Clergy Letter September 17

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Sabbath in September? It’s the middle of August, I’m sitting at my kitchen table and outside it’s raining. In fact that’s an understatement- it’s absolutely pouring- sheets of cold, driving rain! Not really holiday weather…. However… whatever the weather, August always feels a bit different; even when it’s raining, even when we are still working, even when our days are uncomfortably filled with children who are not at school. There’s just a gentle slowing down of the frenetic pace that surrounds so much of modern life. There are few evening meetings, clubs stop, children need less ferrying...

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Clergy Letter August 17

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Dear all, There is an analogy to which I often return and that I’d encourage you to reflect upon (if you’ve not already heard me rabbit on about it!). It’s a picture of two lakes – The Aral Sea and Blue Lake. The Aral Sea (…which is a lake despite the name) lies between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. If you’re struggling to think where those two countries are then it might help to know that it is south of Russia, and kind of north of Iran (with Turkmenistan in between). If you’re still none-the-wiser then dust off your atlas or have a quick look on Google Maps! It used to be one of the four...

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Clergy Letter July 2017

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Dear friends, As I write it’s still less than a year since this country voted to leave the European Union; it’s less than 6 months since Donald Trump took office; it’s less than a week since the general election resulted in a hung parliament. Thus, ‘Wasn’t expecting that’ might be the recurring response to these events and there is therefore little doubt that we live in uncertain and challenging times, especially as we don’t really know how things will work out. Then throw into the mix the terrible terrorist attacks that we have endured in recent times, and then add in a big dollop of...

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Rectors Letter Oct 16

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Dear friends If we look at the earthly life of Jesus we find that one of the 1st things he did when he began his public ministry was to choose 12 disciples with whom he could find friendship and in whom he could invest for the sake of the kingdom. At 1st they needed a lot of encouragement because although they believed he could be the Messiah and were blown away by his teaching and his miracles, they were far from the finished article. But over the next three years we gradually see Jesus giving them more responsibility along the lines of the following pattern Stage One – I do, you...

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Step Up

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STEP UP, THE RIPON AREA DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAMME, SEEKS NEW PARTICIPANTS A one year discipleship programme which has expanded to include five churches in three hub locations in the Ripon Episcopal Area is hoping to expand next year so that more people can take part. Step Up is now in its third year, and currently a record forty-two adults are taking part in discipleship courses centred on Wetherby, Harrogate and Brompton on Swale/Catterick. As well as deepening their understanding of the Christian faith, the programme aims to equip church members who take part with new skills as they respond...

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Rector’s Letter April 2016

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Dear friends As I write I am continuing to recover from emergency surgery to put right a perforated and blocked bowel! I had no idea I was suffering from either, so all the excitement took place while we were on holiday in Cornwall – thankfully we were staying with really good friends which meant that Fiona had plenty of support and I had somewhere to go when I came out of hospital! Anyway, by the time you read this so long as I don’t overdo it, I should be nearing a return to work (the plan is somewhere around the first week in April), so thank you for all your support and prayers – all...

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