Cafe Church

Cafe Church

At its meeting on 15th June the PCC voted unanimously to consult the two congregations with a view to starting a monthly Cafe-style service at St Luke’s, probably on the first Sunday of the month at 4.30pm in the afternoon. This would be a parish-wide service, rather than for just St Luke’s, but would take the place of the 10.30am Communion that normally happens at St Luke’s on the first Sunday (there is an 11am Communion service at St John’s on the first Sunday).

What is Cafe Church?

It’s still church but with a twist!

  • We don’t sit in rows we sit round cafe tables!
  • It’s child friendly and all ages are welcome
  • There’s no separate children’s work because we worship & learn together
  • We have coffee/tea/juice and buns/cakes/snacks as part of the service!
  • Lots of people take part – in fact anyone can chip in!
  • Much of the music is modern – and you don’t even have to stand to sing (but you can if you want)!
  • It’s relaxed – there are Sunday papers to read and children can run around
  • We hear about what is going on in people’s lives today!
  • People don’t have to believe in God – just come and see what’s going on

Why will it be at 4.30pm?

For lots of people, church on Sunday morning doesn’t work – children’s sport, shopping, family commitments; shift work and so on – so we want to offer church at a more convenient time – and because we offer food, it’s great for kids (or adults!) with the late afternoon munchies!

Who will run it?

The simple answer is we don’t know yet – but we want to get a team together from both churches – so if you are interested, why not contact Sarah Shepherd or Rev Simon Dowson, or express your interest via the questionnaire, not forgetting to add your name. Also if you have any questions or concerns, Simon and Sarah are the people to talk to.

When could it begin?

Ideally we would like to start on Sunday 4th October

Your views are welcome – please fill in a questionnaire in church or forward your thoughts via the contact form.