CMS Coffee Morning – 9th January

CMS Coffee Morning

Saturday 9th January 2016

The CMS Coffee morning on Saturday, 9th January is an annual event that aims to raise money to send to our mission partners in Hull and in Nepal. The following are their messages to all their supporters both at St John’s and at St Luke’s. Please pray for them and if possible be in touch with them.

Hull-o from ‘ull!

We are looking forward to a long overdue visit to Harrogate at the end of January, to meet and thank you in person for your faithful support of our work in Hull and share some stories, but we are excited to tell you about our most current news. As we write, CMS is in the process of buying our local redundant vicarage, to be run in partnership with Hull YFC as a House for Mission. This means we shall have a group of people committed both to working out what it means to live in community with each other and to the local community outside its door. We have always felt keenly that in our neck of the woods “the harvest is plenty but the workers are few”, so we are grateful for this investment of faith in our work and excited for the possibilities it offers. We hope Matt’s House (formerly St Matthews vicarage) will be a place of hospitality, care, Christian activism, challenge, comfort and blessing, and a community which helps to perforate the line between the church and our neighbourhood.

God bless, Chris & Anna Hembury (email:——————————————

Dear friends,

Nepal is struggling with some very big issues right now so we are praying things will improve. Since the constitution was signed about three weeks ago, there have been many strikes and protests in the Terai region, the plains on the Indian border, as the people in that area are not happy with the newly designated political regions. The Indian government are also unhappy apparently with some of the policies, and so seem to be supporting the protests. It is difficult to know exactly who thinks what, but the result is that the border with India has been closed for about two and a half weeks now and very little fuel, food or other goods has been allowed through. So in Kathmandu, and across the country, shops are not receiving deliveries to re-stock shelves, people are not able to replace empty gas cylinders which are the main fuel for cooking, vehicles are out of petrol/diesel and businesses are having to close; Water purification plants are reducing output of bottled water. Taxis, if they have petrol are charging very high prices, which impact on people making essential trips eg to hospital appointments, Pharmacies are running out of important drugs etc etc. Nepal is a landlocked country and all our fuel and most other things come from or through India.

So please pray for this situation. The international media seem to be turning a blind eye, and Nepalis are getting very upset and angry about that too.

Thanks so much for your prayers at this time, with love,

Dan and Phillipa Email:

Please support this coffee morning in any way that you are able, whether by your attendance or through contributions by way of refreshments, items for the raffle or tombola, books, surplus gifts or other items for sale. Thank you.

Theva Thevarokiam

Mission partners’ link, 886230