Revive 19th June and Beyond

Revive 2013

Whether you have been to a Revive event before or whether you would like to come for the first time you are invited to join us on Wednesday June 19th at 7.30 pm for an evening of food, fun and fellowship.

At a Revive evening you will be looked after by a host and served a delicious 3 course hot meal. For the evening, the East End room is transformed into a cosy bistro.  There will be lots of time to chat to others and then there is a short talk. If you are a lady new to St John’s and St Luke’s or if you don’t yet know many people then this is an evening to which you are specifically welcome.  If you would like to bring a friend that is great too.  In particular Revive is an evening for all ladies who would enjoy having a meal cooked for them.

Revive is a “Pay it forward” event and your meal on June 19th has already been paid for so that you can come as a guest. During the evening there is an opportunity, for those that can, to contribute towards the costs of a future Revive meal (approx. £6 a head)

At the end of this morning’s service several ladies, who will have sign up sheets, will be available for you to ask questions about the evening and hopefully to book you in to join us.

We already have plans for Revive events for the autumn of 2013 and Spring of 2014.  They will take place on different days of the week and at lunch times.  If you can’t make June 19th but would like to know more about a future Revive then let the hosting team know.  That will help with our planning.

Do come and join us.