Songs of Praise 30th Jan

Songs of Praise 30th Jan – 3 – 5 pm
January can sometimes feel like a long drag, following on from a busy Christmas, and then the spring bulbs begin to show, bringing with them such colour, and joy, for all to enjoy. Will you bring a little colour and joy into a late January afternoon by joining us for our Songs of Praise, at St John’s Church Hall on January 30th – 3 – 5 pm – and if you can bring a friend or neighbour with you, that would be wonderful. Incidentally, if you need to leave early for any reason, don’t worry, we would rather have your company for a little while than not at all.
Hymn/song requests to David or me by Sunday 24th please. Enquiries or transport requests to me on 522828. Let us sing and be joyful and praise God for His goodness.
Linda Williams