The Thirst Coffee Morning Coffee Morning!

Thirst LogoSaturday 11th June,

10am to 12 noon at St John’s Church Hall

£1 for drink and biscuit.  Children free.

Drink coffee to enable others to drink coffee! You are invited to the Thirst fund raising coffee morning on 11th June where you can drink coffee, buy cakes and even try out the Tombola!

Thirst is every Wednesday at Dene Park Community Centre (off Woodfield Road). From 10.30 – noon the community centre rings with laughter and chat as people gather to drink quality, fairly traded coffee and tea and eat home-made cake. The computer club in the corner also gives free support in how to use a lap-top or hand-held device. We charge low prices for our coffee and cake as our aim is to be a place of friendship for all, regardless of income. Helping people connect with the web is part of our service to the community. Local police pop in about once a month and informally pick up any worries or concerns from locals. Boosting our funds will help pay for next years’ wi-fi as well as the odd special celebration like Christmas and help us run an extra lunchtime “Start” course from September. (“Start” is a six week Christian basics course).

Thirst is a place of connection. Lots of Thirst regulars are retired and many live alone. Attending events at St John’s or St Luke’s would be a stretch for some despite living in the parish. Thirst uses Dene Park to gather, serve, listen to and love people up in a convenient location. We don’t do anything obviously “religious” (unless, you count loving people and believing that all are precious is a religious activity!) Anyone and everyone is valued and welcomed at Thirst. We do pray regularly for our Thirsties and we journey with people through various ailments and tests. Some people really appreciate being prayed for.

A dedicated team of people makes Thirst happen and we appreciate their time, commitment and love. Many of us at St John’s and St Luke’s and the wider community really appreciate what our friends are doing at Thirst but can’t help on a Wednesday. You can help on 11 June! Do let me know if you can  provide a tombola prize or a cake for sale on the day of the Saturday Fund Raising Coffee Morning. If you want to find out more about Thirst generally, or are interested in joining the team, please let me know..or just come along. We have “vacancies” coming up!

See you on June 11th.

Karin Shaw 07807 128 399


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