Sound Desk Needs You

ST JOHN’S SOUND DESK SUPPORT – URGENTLY NEEDED We are at a stage when we are urgently needing support to ensure that the vital ministry provided through the sound desk continues.  We have asked previously without a great deal (very little) of response. 

1.  We are in need of people to come onto the rota for ensuring the sound desk operates on a Sunday morning – it is not a difficult system to operate with a little training.

2.  We are in need for additional assistance in putting songs and notices on the lap-top for Sunday mornings. It could be that without further assistance in this way the overhead screen will not be able to function on Sunday mornings.

Please consider if you can contribute in this way.  It is vital than we have a strong rota for this part of the ministry at St John’s. We are very grateful for the few who are involved at present – Thank You. Please speak to Nigel Thompson, Dave Sanderson, Stuart Anderson for further information.  We need to increase the numbers involved asap.