Palm Sunday Thoughts

Palm Sunday Thoughts  –

On Palm Sunday, as Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, there were crowds cheering. They waved branches and hailed him as a king. Within days, this cheering turned to jeering. “Hosanna, Hosanna” turned to “Crucify, Crucify”. It would appear that many of the crowd were praising Jesus for the wrong reasons. They had the wrong impression of who he was and what he was about.

What many of the people expected and what Jesus brought were two different things. What they wanted was a deliverer from earthly tyranny, poverty and physical oppression. These are worthy objectives. The cry Hosanna means “save now”, and is a plea for help. They were a people under oppression, and wanted to be free. Who can blame them? The promised messiah was to be their deliverer. Many understood this in a political sense.

However, what they needed (and we need now) was far greater than their understanding. Jesus offers freedom from sin, the stuff that gets in the way of our relationships with God and one another, and freedom to be all that he planned for us to be. This Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter, let’s ask God to speak to us afresh, that we may not miss what he has to say to us.


THEY MISSED HIM! They were looking for a lion, He came as a Lamb, and they missed Him.

They were looking for a warrior, He came as a Peacemaker, and they missed Him.

They were looking for a king, he came as a servant, and they missed Him.

They were looking for liberation from Rome, He submitted to the Roman stake, and they missed him.

They were looking for a fit to their mould, He was the mould-breaker, and they missed Him.

Would you? (author unknown)

God Bless,