Reflections on Smelly Yellow Welly Club

A couple of reflections on Smelly Yellow Welly Club 2013

Once again the holiday club was a real success and well done to all those who worked so hard, and had so much energy, enthusiasm and creativity. I just want to share a couple of anecdotes from my observations.

Firstly, on the first morning, I was walking past the Hospice shop on the corner of King Edward’s Drive ( a good couple of hundred metres from St. John’s!) and I heard the familiar song as groups walk between the church and the hall: “Everywhere we go…people want to know…who we are…where we come from….and we tell them…we’re the _____team, the mighty, mighty ____team.” It was loud and clear and brought a smile to my face. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if those words were true for us all when it comes to sharing our faith and hope in Jesus? Everywhere we go….people want to know….so we tell them….  May God give us passion, courage, words, actions, and a way about us that points to him and make people attracted to and interested in Him.

Secondly, one morning when I was there watching, an elderly lady turned up to look at St. John’s. She didn’t know about Welly Club. She used to drive to another church but has recently had to give up the car. She lived in Bilton and wanted to check out her local church which was within walking distance for her. Well, she got quite a first impression! I wondered what she would make of seeing the church with all the chairs re-arranged, and all the decorations. Well, she loved it and was delighted to see so many young people in church having such a good time – even though she had a bit of a struggle getting out again! She left the building as the groups were returning from the hall!

For all of you who were involved,  be encouraged on a job well done and an event that has had an impact on many people.

Blessings Darren

Lots of Photo’s will follow later today, come back and take a look.