St Luke’s Children

At  Sunday School we are learning that following Jesus with friends is fun

St Luke’s Sunday School may be small, but this means that we can do things that might be impossible for larger groups. In the past we have incorporated some of the things that we had made in an exhibition called “Life in Bible times”, and we are hoping to host a bigger version in the near future including models that we have made of a synagogue, a Bible times village and the Temple in Jerusalem.

We also try to contribute to the life and worship at St Luke’s in a number of ways.  For instance, on Remembrance Sunday we cut out and scatter the exact number of poppies for the number of people on the Harrogate Cenotaph. The mosaic cross was made by the congregation following a meditation on brokenness which was read by the children who also smashed the tiles inbetween the readings.

Because the church is quite a plain building, a number of items that have been made by the children are on semi-permanent display. The mosaics based on the names of Jesus were made by the children as a millennium project. We used scrap panels of perspex to make the “stained glass” light which represents the depiction of the Holy Spirit as flames of fire. In the absence of stained glass windows in church, perspex painted hangings have been in place for a number of years.

There is a lot of emphasis on making and doing things, but at other times we might be having a quiz, putting on a puppet play or listening to a video or to a bible story.

Newfaces (ages 3 and over) are welcome to join us at 10.30 on Sunday mornings


  • Welly Club Dance
  • I've Been Tango'd
  • Getting Creative