Mission Action Plan News

Preparations are ongoing for the launch of our Mission Action Planning process in September. Just to remind folk, a Mission Action Plan or MAP is a tried and tested means by which churches can discern vision and priorities. It has 4 stages, each of which is undergirded by prayer

Stage 1   Listening – listening to God, listening to our congregations, listening to our community

Stage 2   Discerning – arising out of the listening process, we hopefully discover common themes and ideas which form the basis of determining what our vision, our plan to achieve this vision, and our particular priorities for action will be.

Stage 3   Planning – working out how we put the plan and the priorities into practice

Stage 4   Action – getting on and turning all this into concrete action.

September and October form for us the LISTENING STAGE, and the draft timetable for this stage is as follows

  • Listening to God – there will be two MAP prayer meetings on 9th & 29th Sept, and on 16th Oct there will be a half night of prayer, 6pm till midnight (don’t worry – it isn’t necessary to come for the whole time!). We will also be providing prayer cards and encouraging folk to form prayer triplets.
  • Listening to our congregations – we will be asking folk to complete questionnaires on Sundays 13th & 20th Sept. Hopefully there will also be a survey for our youth/children to complete.
  • Listening to our community – Monday 21st Sept @ 7.30 pm – training session for those doing the community ‘20/20 vision’ survey – our aim is to get 20 pairs of people visiting 20 homes each on selected streets across the parish to allow us a representative sample of up to 400 homes on the weekend 25th to 27th September. Advance notice flyers to be delivered to the homes we intend to visit

As we wait to begin the Listening phase, why not start praying now?!