Question Corner December 2014

Question Corner

Q. I try not to get depressed about the commercialism of Christmas. How can we help people understand the true meaning of the season?

A. Many don’t understand its meaning because they don’t know about Jesus himself and the good news he came to bring. So the first question is how can we tell others about HIM? Then we can show why we want to celebrate his birthday. As for Christmas itself we can use the visual aids all around us. Some don’t like symbols or symbolism, but the candles, the lights, the trees and the decorations are not just ‘churchy’ things – they are in shops and streets and homes. Here we are on common ground. And we could invite people to a Christingle service which is full of light (and oranges representing the world). I’ve mentioned this before somewhere – prior to last Christmas I was standing in a supermarket queue, and the lady in front was moaning about Christmas (this was to the world in general and nobody in particular). Then she turned and said to me ‘Why do we bother? Why do we get trees and lights and things?’ A straight question required a straight answer, so I said ‘the evergreen tree reminds us of the everlasting life Jesus came to give us, and the lights celebrate Jesus as the Light of the world’. She paused, then said ‘Oh …… thank you ….. are you a Vicar or something?’

We don’t need to preach long sermons. Don’t be depressed.

Have a happy Christmas. David Williams