We are all on a Journey

We are all on a Journey…

Being a disciple of Jesus will sometimes take us into places that are unexpected. Everybody is on a journey; some paths seem to be straight forward, others a little less clear.

As I mentioned during the service on Sunday (29th September) Christine and I are finding ourselves preparing to leave Bilton at the beginning of 2014. We are heading off to South Africa for a year – it’s a bit like a Gap Year, just a bit later in life!

We are going to serve as part of the team at Johannesburg Bible College. We will have the opportunity and privilege to teach the bible, help in leading worship, care for students, encourage church leaders in and around the surrounding area (e.g. Johannesburg and Soweto) and help in some college administration.

JBC (Johannesburg Bible College) has been in operation for less than ten years but is having a significant impact in the lives of many students and church leaders in the area.

One of the strap lines of the college is to be ‘Equipping and Inspiring men and women for Bible teaching ministry.’ Sounds exciting! Christine and I are looking forward to being part of the team which is serving in this way.

As I say above, our leaving of St John’s & St Luke’s has come somewhat earlier than we had expected but as we’ve explored the opportunity with family and close friends we sense that this is very much the Lord’s leading.

Our final service will be on Christmas Day – a great time to celebrate God’s love and His presence with us. It’s also a great day for all of us to reflect on God’s directing and our obedience to His will even if that means a slight change of direction.

So it’s a change for all of us and as we ask for prayer we will pray for you as the Lord leads each one of you and the churches forward to share your story, to grow in your relationship with Jesus and to serve Him wherever He may lead.

To find out much more do visit JBC’s website: www.jbc.org.za

Blessings to you all

Alister & Christine