Cafe Logos 11-18

At Cafe Logos our Journey in faith & friendship continues

Café Logos Juniors

VictoriaVictoria Amella

We welcome all those children aged 11-13 who are in Year 7 and 8 at Secondary School.  Our sessions are suited to everyone regardless of church experience by exploring the Bible through lots of exciting practical and creative activities.  Our aim is to help young people encounter God through the Bible and gain his appreciation of his love for them. Our coordinator is Victoria Amella and she is supported by a wealth of experienced leaders. If you would like to find out anymore about Café Logos Juniors or are interested in becoming a leader then please grab Victoria who will be only to willing to have a chat.

Café Logos Seniors

Helen Tennison

The senior section is for teenagers who are between the ages of 14 and 17 who want to have wider conversations about how their faith impacts their lives. The sessions explore a wide range of topics from friendship and relationships, to parents, school, drugs and alcohol, war and peace. The topics are selected by the group and then led by a group of adults who have a genuine interest in sharing thoughts, listening to opinions and discussing where God’s love fits in. If you would like to know more please talk to Sarah Cave or come along and try it out.

The Group Co-ordinators are Helen Tennison (Tel-701116) & Victoria Amella (Tel -569154)

  • Welly Club Dance
  • I've Been Tango'd
  • Getting Creative